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Image: Jeannette Ehlers

Artist Talk (in English)
How Can We Reshape the Colonial Narrative?
Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark/Trinidad)
Tu 20th June 2017 7 p.m.
Di 20. Juni 2017 19 Uhr
Stadtteilarchiv Ottensen e.V./Geschichtswerkstatt für Altona, Kesselhaus
Zeißstraße 28
Hamburg-Ottensen (S-Bahn Altona)
Moderation: Elaine Thomas, poetess, actress, singer
Experimental image manipulations characterize Jeannette Ehlers' photographic and video works. Her cinematic universes delve into ethnicity and identity inspired by her Danish-Caribbean background. Creating imaginative stories, her pieces revolve around Denmark's role as a slaving nation, a historical chapter that is often forgotten, repressed and neglected in Denmark's historiography.
The artist has exhibited in the Caribbean, USA, in Canada, South Africa, Senegal, Korea, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Finland.
Ehlers will discuss her art work and her latest project Queen Mary that marks the 2017 centennial of the "Transfer Day" when the three Danish Virgin islands were sold to the United States. In collaboration with the artist La Vaughn Belle from St. Croix, Ehlers produces the first memorial statue on Danish soil of Mary - Queen Mary - Thomas, one of three prominent female leaders of the 1878 Labor Riots of St. Croix, an insurrection known as the Fireburn. Queen Mary will commemorate enslaved Africans during the transatlantic trade as well as pay tribute to their freedom struggle and manifest that we, their descendants, are here and to this day still fighting for justice.


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